3 Best At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits to Buy For Your Steady Peace of Mind

Caroline Swanson, Contributor Updated: Mar 31th, 2022

Got exposed to someone with COVID? Taking an at-home COVID test is the best way to alleviate some of those worries. These rapid or antigen tests give you fast and reliable results in just 15 minutes — so you can take necessary precautions right away. But with all the options out there, knowing which one’s to choose can be tricky. You have to keep an eye on the swab method, sensitivity, and other details, which can take a lot of your energy. So to help you find the Best At-Home COVID-19 Test Kit, our team partnered with parents and clinicians to review test kits available on the market today. And after a month of testing, we’ve concluded that these 3 self-test kits were the best to buy to keep a steady peace of mind during this pandemic.

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The iWELLCHECK is our #1 pick because of the wide range of swabbing methods it supports. It can take fast and reliable results via saliva, nose, and throat — so if you’re looking to self-test or test your kids, this is the perfect kit to buy since it requires no deep, nasal swabbing. And for kids, you can opt for a lolly test, which only takes them to suck the cotton swab for 30 seconds to work. What’s even better is that no matter what testing method you perform, the iWELLCHECK will still deliver accurate results.

Regarding accuracy, the iWELLCHECK is one of the most competitive in ruling out true positive and negative results. With 99.9% specificity and 96.8% sensitivity, it’s the closest you can get to an RT-PCR swab test. It can even detect Delta and Omicron variants which are more contagious strains.

Another factor that makes the iWELLCHECK the best option is its shelf life. Most at-home test kits would only last for a few months, forcing you to buy a new set every time you’re exposed. The iWELLCHECK, however, lasts up to a year if left sealed and stored at room temperature. So if you’re aiming to take COVID tests regularly, probably for work or personal reasons, the iWELLCHECK fits the bill.

Overall, the iWELLCHECK At-Home COVID Test Kit is one of the most trusted brands for rapid self-testing. It’s widely sold worldwide and listed by different agencies and organizations for safe use. Moreover, it’s easy to use and follow — making at-home prevention accessible to all families.

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If speed and accuracy are the two primary factors you’re looking for, then the VIGLYF Antigen Test Kit is a perfect choice. This one delivers results in just 10 minutes, and its accuracy is up to the standards of most testing facilities doing large-scale testing.

The VIGLYF is excellent in providing you with a true positive result with its 96.17% high sensitivity rate. Aside from that, it’s also easy to use and will only take a few steps to accomplish the testing. It comes in a complete package, including a test cassette, extraction buffer tube, buffer solution, and disposable nasal swab. You can perform the test instantly without going to the nearest pharmacy to buy other necessary items.

Like most test kits, the VIGLYF ensures clear and simple-to-read results — no smartphone or app required. You can confidently test on your own — so you can take necessary actions right away to prevent the spread of COVID in your family.

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The RESXI-TEST is an excellent option if you’re looking for a test kit that effectively detects infection at the early stage of exposure. This one comes with a clinical specificity of 100% and a sensitivity of 97.17% — so getting that accurate result is possible even at home. And you can know your status in just 12 minutes!

What’s impressive with the RESXI-TEST is its good correlation with RT-PCR tests. It detects the virus directly with a higher chance of knowing the true positive or negative. Further, it’s 100% easy to use and suitable for all ages since it only requires ¾ inch into your nasal to achieve reliable results. So no deep nasal swab as well.

Overall, the RESXI-TEST is perfect for ensuring instant peace of mind during this pandemic. It’s quick to deliver results and offers a comfortable form of testing, so you’ll never think twice about knowing your COVID status.

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The Rundown

Indeed, the pandemic is still showing no signs of stopping. And regular testing is our way to ensure we don’t spread the virus in our community (of course, alongside wearing masks and vaccination). So in choosing an at-home COVID test kit, it is essential to know all the details. What is the testing method used? How reliable is the result? By doing this, you can guarantee that what you’re dealing with serves your peace of mind.

All products listed in this review have passed all our criteria for testing. Our team took the liberty to cross-check the results with the ones received from the testing facility to ensure we only recommend products that work.