2022 Top 4 Best Hearing Aids for Improving Hearing Loss and Amplifying Sounds

Caroline Swanson, Contributor Updated: Apr 5th, 2022

To lose our sense of hearing is to lose some of our wonders in the world. We no longer can appreciate various sounds as simple as the chirping of the birds, or the laughter of a child. To lose our ability to hear changes our world…and not for the best. Good thing, technology has afforded us to once again bring back our ability to appreciate and savor sounds – all thanks to innovative hearing aids.

Not hearing clearly can isolate us, and make us miss out on a lot of things. As we age, our olfactory system also deteriorates causing us to not hear as clearly anymore.

Hearing aids come in handy when we need to hear sounds a little bit more. These tiny devices amplify the sounds we want to take in. They’re the perfect gift to anyone we know who would love to bring back their ability to recognize and distinguish sounds. In this review, we have gathered the best hearing aids for 2022.

Losing your ability to hear can be frustrating! Not only can you not hear conversations, but other beautiful sounds that can make a difference in your way of living. The AgiuBrae features a pair of high quality earbuds that instantly increases hearing capacity to 70%! One of the stand out features of the AgiuBrae is the device’s ability to fine tune the sounds that come through.

AgiuBrae is both for the young and old. It’s created with the same technology as traditional hearing aids, without the complicated processes and endless wires.

When we tested the AgiuBrae, what impressed us is its impressive sound amplification feature. The sounds we heard were louder, clearer, and in real time.

It’s a great gift for anyone who wants to hear the beauty of life again.

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The convenience, the comfort, and the high-quality performance of LaroxClear makes it an ideal hearing assistant for anyone who’s looking for easy-to-use hearing aids. Unlike traditional hearing aids, LaroxClear features a modern, earphone-like design – people won’t even assume you’re wearing hearing aids.

LaroxClear features clear voice technology that enables the wearer to hear crips, quality sound without the loss of transmission. It connects easily to Bluetooth and works for calls and audio sounds. It’s great for all day activities like gardening, exercising, shopping, or going for walks.

The LaroxClear works well for all ages. It requires simple operation making it easy to use for all.

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Unlike traditional hearing aids, the HearAssist combines the beauty of sleek design and improved functionality. The binaural wear improves sound positioning so you can hear the sound clearly without losing any quality of the reception. The HearAssist is ergonomic – the pair is comfortable, and settles in your ear so you can hear sounds comfortably without straining your ear muscles.

The HearAssist works in just one push of a button. One of its best features is its lightweight, ultra comfy design. Only weighing 27g, you will feel as if you’re not wearing any hearing aid! The HearAssist also comes with a charging box so you won’t have to lose your hearing capacity wherever you are.

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The AudHelp guarantees you hear sounds better… without the uncomfortable buzzing that can be dizzying and disorienting. The AudHelp is a one-click hearing aid that’s easy to use, and easy to operate. It comes with a headset design – people won’t think you’re actually wearing a hearing aid!

The durable AudHelp amplifies sounds without causing any transmission loss. It comes in a small, handy design that makes it easy to store and maintain by anyone at any age. The AudHelp comes with a portable charging box so you won’t have to miss any sound.

AudHelp delivers a one-click wonder – with just one operation, the world and its sounds become extra clear.

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We need our senses to cherish the people and the surroundings around us. Missing our sense of hearing can keep us from truly enjoying our way of life. If you or anyone close to you are short in their hearing capacities, it’s time to tune in to a device that changes the way they hear things. The best hearing aids listed here are tested, used, and proven to deliver what they’re meant to do.

All of the hearing aids recommended by our page checks all the boxes in performance, portability, ease-of-use, and design.

Those whom we asked to participate in our review couldn’t help but rave and recommend AgiuBrae, LaroxClear, HearAssist, and AudClear. If you’re looking for some of the best devices for hearing, check out our list of our favorite hearing aids in the market.