3 Best Nasal Aspirator for Kids and Babies 2022: Remove Stuffy Nose Stress Free!

Caroline Swanson Updated: Dec 11th, 2022

We get you – removing a booger and stubborn mucus from your baby’s nose can be stressful! There’s a lot of crying, fussing, and resistance involved because your little one is scared of how traditional nasal aspirators work. 

If you’re at your wits’ end, we totally get you – the struggle is real. If all you want is to find a nasal aspirator that will make the booger-getting process easier, we got you. 

A lot should be considered when choosing an automatic nasal aspirator, so we made sure we covered the heavy lifting for you. 

For the safety-conscious parents who only want the gentlest option for their kids, we recommend that you get the electric nasal aspirator with the softest, baby-friendly materials. For those who want to make the experience less scary and stressful for kids, go for a product that includes attention-grabbing lights and sounds. If you’re buying a nasal aspirator to be used by multiple kids in your household, we highly suggest the ones with interchangeable gears. 

Read on to find out more of these stuffy-nose busters that experts and parents can’t stop raving about. 

How We Decided

Our best recommendation is the BooBoogs – it has the softest materials, the most engaging lights, and sounds, and strong suction to eliminate every mucus and booger in just one go. This product is 100% game-changing for moms, dads, and caretakers who just want a stress-free way of getting those stubborn snot and boogers. 

All the products we feature here have passed the qualifications of experts and parents (like us!) who want to do away with hard, scary, hard-to-use nose aspirators. 

Each product featured here has the following features: 

  • Strong suction for quick and easy removal of boogers, snots, and mucus. 
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Safe design and features. 
  • Child-friendly materials – only the softest heads are included in each package. 
  • With lights and music to help kids become less scared. 
  • Easy-to-clean design. 
  • Guaranteed no-mess design. 

Check out below the other nasal aspirators that got the approval from parents and experts!

✅ Comes with 3 different suction power.
✅ Includes 4 interchangeable heads.
✅ Made with gentle, soft, baby-friendly material.
✅ Has cute lights and music to keep the baby entertained and less scared.
✅ Easy to clean, comes with a mess-free feature.
✅ Cleans nose in just 2 seconds.
✅ Great for kids and babies!

Our top choice among the bunch is the BooBoogs nasal aspirator! 

This automatic nasal aspirator features an impressive suction power – it’s strong enough to remove boogers and snots in just 2 seconds, but gentle enough to not scare or hurt your baby. 

The BooBoogs come with 3 different adjustable levels you can customize according to your child’s comfort levels. 

We love how it threw in music and lights to its design. The adorable lights and sounds are guaranteed to capture the attention of your baby so they won’t feel so stressed up about the entire booger-getting process. This feature makes us say goodbye to endless pinching! 

You can use this for both infants and toddlers – the set includes interchangeable heads of various sizes. The heads are also made from high-quality silicone – you won’t have to worry about it being too tough on the baby’s nose canal. 

This handy nasal aspirator features a no-mess design. There’s a special slot that catches all the snot, boogers, and mucus that you can get from your child’s nose. We love how this design lowers significantly the chance of your nasal aspirator developing molds. 

BooBoogs is 100% easy to clean, lightweight, and also perfect for traveling! 

Recommended Features

Editor's Pick




✅ Comes with 5 different leves of suction power.
✅ Includes a powerful yet quiet motor.
✅ High-grade plastic nozzles that are BPA-free and safe for babies’ delicate noses.
✅ One-button operation – no need to do endless pinching.
✅ Comes with a collection cup for no-mess cleaning.

If you are specifically looking for a nasal aspirator that you can use for multiple kids in the household, we definitely recommend the BubboBee. 

This impressive nasal aspirator comes with up to 5 levels of suction power – you can conveniently adjust the power levels base on your children’s comfort levels. 

What we love about the BubboBee is it doesn’t terrify kids. It does not come with intrusive sounds that scare babies. The gentle motor can make the care process quicker and less stressful. 

Unlike the classic nasal aspirators that you have to pinch endlessly to work, the BubboBee elevates the work 5x faster and easier. With just one touch of a button, the powerful suction does its magic to remove snot, mucus, and hard-to-reach boogers. 

The BubboBee includes 2 interchangeable nozzle heads – one for infants, and one for kids ages 2 years old and above. 

The nozzle heads are made from safe, BPA-free silicone-plastic material. When we tested it, we were impressed at how it did not cause babies and kids to feel discomfort. 

This nasal aspirator includes a mini collection cup where the snot, booger, and mucus are deposited. You can easily clean the cup without worrying about snot residue that could cause molds. 

If you’re looking for a travel-friendly, low-maintenance, and convenient nasal aspirator, the BubbaBee is one of the best products to buy. 

Key Features


"Very Good"


✅ Comes with 3 different suction levels.
✅ Features 3 interchangeable heads.
✅ The nozzles are BPA-free silicone.
✅ Has cute lights and music to keep the baby entertained and less scared.
✅ Easy to clean, comes with a mess-free feature.

If your baby gets drawn easily to fun lights and music, they will love the CubbyCox! 

Right off the bat, the babies won’t cry just at the sight of the nasal aspirator. In fact, they will even be drawn to it because of the attractive colors and soothing sounds. 

The nozzles of the nasal aspirator are soft and very flexible – they won’t cause discomfort to your baby’s nose. We love how they’re also toxin-free and BPA-free. 

This nasal aspirator comes with 3 interchangeable heads so you can use it for different ages. 

The suction for the CubbyCox comes in three levels – and all levels are powerful enough to take out any snot, boogers, and mucus in one go. The one-push operation of the CubbyCox makes the process faster and less of a hassle for both parents and kids. 

The twist-and-remove design of the CubbyCox makes it easy to clean. You won’t have to worry about missing any slot that might still hold wet material that can cause molds and other bacteria. 

Key Features





A nasal aspirator is definitely one of the must-haves for parents. With more automatic features, removing snot, mucus, and boogers off your child’s nose won’t cause screaming, crying, and frustrating sobs! Whether for home or travel use, having a nasal aspirator can be a source of relief. 

We understand that parents simply want the best. This is why we guarantee that our picks listed above won’t fall short of your expectations. Experts love them, parents trust them, and you will also surely love them.